redesign  your  fitness.

I believe that fitness is being able to move your body in all of the ways it was meant to move.  I work closely with you to set goals, correct  functional imbalances, and develop a multi-dimensional program that will allow you to reach a new level of functional fitness. The combination of my medical education, fitness experience, and holistic approach allows me to create incredibly personalized training programs to help you achieve your healthiest body. You are uniquely you. Your fitness routine should reflect your individuality and be tailored to your specific body.  It's time to discover your potential, overcome your injuries and become the healthiest version of YOU.


Over the years, I have encountered fitness theories, fad diets, and workout trends that have lead my clients to confusion. Currently pursuing my PhD in Exercise Physiology,  I have invested a great deal of time examining the science behind exercise and injury.  My philosophy is to take peer-reviewed scientific research and implement it into my fitness programs. I keep an eye on the latest in scientific literature and have a healthy respect for holistic philosophies. My wellness plans bridge the gap between Western and Eastern medicine to provide a holistic, comprehensive plan to heal your digestion, invigorate your mind, and strengthen your body. 

My current research is focused on preventing injuries in youth sports. I am working closely with a team of fitness and medical professionals to develop a method to address and rehabilitate individual functional weaknesses in young athletes. I have a heart for underprivileged youth and have spent a majority of my time as a health care professional serving this population. 


 As a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), I have the education and experience to prevent, treat and rehabilitate athletic injuries. I have worked with all levels of sport from high school to Olympic and understand the goals and needs of individual athletes. My program design incorporates corrective exercise and athletic movement in order to allow your body to move the way it was intended to move. Whether your goal is to increase your vertical jump height, decrease joint pain, or simply be able to keep up with your kids, I will design a program to help you reach your goals. 

If working with athletes has taught me anything, it is that exercise should be fun! It is important to enjoy your workout. I take your entire unique personality into consideration before developing a program specific to your goals; no two programs are alike.  

Not only is this the title of my blog,  I incorporate a little push and a little play into everything that I do. I invite you to push play on your life and find the healthy balance between hard work and pure bliss.