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I never thought I would end up in the fitness world. Especially considering that I spent a majority of my life being really, really bad at fitness. I’m talking ..picked last in gym class bad. I started my career in the medical field. I spent four years at James Madison University and became a Board Certified Athletic Trainer and an EMT. When I graduated, I spent a lot of time responding to emergencies, working with athletes and rehabilitating injuries of all kinds. 

Liz Letchford Personal Trainer San Francisco

While pursuing my Masters in Health and Movement Science at Virginia Commonwealth University, I worked as an Athletic Trainer for several inner-city high schools where I developed a heart for underprivileged youth. The more I learned about the body, the more I wanted to share that knowledge. Equipping my young athletes and their parents with the truth about their bodies transformed them from victims of circumstance to advocates for their own health.

In the spirit of creating and disseminating knowledge, I decided to pursue a PhD in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science at The University of Hawaii. I thought I wanted to be a professor - to share my knowledge with the world through teaching and research.  After doing that for a while, I realized how long it really takes to share research findings (embarrassingly long) and something deep inside knew that I wasn’t destined to give lectures and grade exams for the rest of my life.

During my time in Hawaii, I collaborated with multiple fitness professionals in a variety of unique fitness settings, adding blood flow restricted training and visual and sensory performance to my arsenal of rehabilitation tools.  I was the Athletic Trainer for a private high school as well as the Women's and Men's Olympic Beach Volleyball tournament, serving the athletes of China, Canada, and the United States. 

Athletic Trainers traditionally provide medical care to athletes, but I wanted to use my skills to help those who might not have as easy access to a coaching staff or sports medicine team. I envisioned working with individuals whose chronic pain and nagging injuries prevented them from doing what they love. Those who had gone to specialist after specialist, receiving fancy treatments and plenty of medications, but were never invited to play an active role in their own recovery. I knew that when people are empowered with the knowledge of their own bodies, they take ownership of their healing, finally start moving better, and can get back to doing the things they love. 

I’m here to help you discover the incredible capacity you have to take ownership over your movement, your mobility and your rehabilitation; I get so much joy from empowering you with the knowledge and tools you need to do so.

Whether or not you work with me one-on-one or through Tonal, you can always join me at The Assembly where I share the most incredible recovery and mobility experience, The Release.

I look forward to meeting you and making your health goals a reality.

Stay curious,